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The teacher should do the first application himself. The aim is to place the words correctly and draw the attention of the student on the word. With this exercise, students are able to analyze letter-word and recognize the words better Yıldızbaş and Parlakyıldız, Object Puzzle Object puzzle is an activity that can only be applied in computer environment. The aim is to correctly match the words given on the right side of the computer screen with the items in the classroom on the left side of the screen.

The student earns a certain point for the object clicked correctly or loses points for the wrong click. When the replay button is clicked, there are different words on the right side of the screen. Group activities can also be done with the help of projection. Picture Puzzle It is an activity carried out by writing the names of the objects or objects indicated with numbers correctly in the boxes. This activity is a method that students can easily apply themselves.

In picture puzzles, visual senses are activated and students are made to remember the learned words easily. In addition, with this activity, students’ writing skills are improved. Demirbaş, et al. Pyramid Puzzle The aim of the Pyramid puzzle is to write the words with the letter O in the middle. The teacher should prepare sample pyramid puzzles using different letters.

The teacher must distribute one of the ready-made pyramid puzzles to all students and solve the puzzle. The pyramid puzzle method can also be applied by creating groups in the classroom. Pyramid puzzles are important in terms of examining students’ vocabulary and enabling them to learn new words.

Picture Crossword Puzzle Picture square puzzle is an activity that can be applied in computer environment. Picture crossword puzzles can be prepared on different topics. The puzzle contains questions from left to right and top to bottom. Click on the numbers in the box to solve the puzzle. For example, clicking on the number that says two images will appear. The first picture is about the area to be written from left to right. The name of the object in the picture must be written in the blank and the OK button must be clicked. The name of the object in the second picture should be written in the space next to it and click on the OK button.

If the solver of the puzzle cannot remember the word, when the hint button is clicked, the first letter is given as a clue. As you know, Arabic is a language in which Arabic letters are used and written from right to left. In the Turkish Language, Latin letters are used. Therefore, our first lesson for new students is to learn the Turkish Alphabet. The Turkish Alphabet is written from left to right.

I have no money, I have no money, oh my dear, I have no money. At the point of developing technology-based teaching materials for teaching Turkish as a foreign language, those who meet ytö need to be more entrepreneurial. Every student. However, students may make pronunciation mistakes while removing these suffixes in places with consonant affinities. This problem will be overcome with practice over time. Students: – It has a handle. B – No… A – Do we have to tidy up our room? To parents whose children are on the way to a daycare home Århus Kommune Børn og Unge Integration of your child, meeting and development of ytö Tyrkisk, interview about the situation and development of the Turkish-aged child Childcare. Illustrated examples can be used in places such as classrooms, cafeterias, parks, trains, and theaters.

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